sexta-feira, 24 de abril de 2009

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And many others...:)Have fun XOX

quarta-feira, 22 de abril de 2009

Works from students

Tattos, by Inês Lourenço 9th grade

I´m attracted to tattos, because they are very interesting and they show something about our personality. Having a tattoo could improve my appearence and that way I would like my body more.
In my opionion, I don´t think that having a tattoo would make me have any kind of health risks, because if we go to a specialized clinic we hardly have any risks.
In conclusion, having tattos is fashionable, fun and a way of life.

sexta-feira, 17 de abril de 2009

To Remember

This Zoo was made by André Bárbara and Sofia Vargas when they were STARTERS, now they are KET. (Level 3b) :O)
Do you remember this guys?

sábado, 4 de abril de 2009

My Starters class Clock

My Starters are very proud of this work and me too!
kisses for this cute class (Johnny, Mike, Philipe, André O., André M, Daniel and Richard)

Works from Teacher Catarina Cerca Students.