sábado, 16 de maio de 2009

From a very special student who has the soul of a poet...

Mum, when I started writing this letter I used the affection feather, wet by the red paint of a heart that missed you. The news aligned as pearls on a precious thread started jumping out of their places, running over the rhythm of my memories.

I remember being a child guided by your patience. Your safe strong hands helped me walking my path. And all the memories, just like a mental kaleidoscope, were wet by the tears that dropped from my eyes. A flying thought took shape and I miss being that little brown haired girl with chubby legs and red cheeks that cuddled on your lap.

Although it doesn’t seem so, I am always worried about you and for many times a day I want to know if you are ok. Who said worrying about the ones we love is a privilege only mothers can feel? Do you know what? I worry about you too.

Mum, you are a wonderful woman, a very special mother. I am so lucky for always getting the best, always the best advice and the best life guidelines. On this special day, I want you to understand my gratitude, my recognition for your effort and dedication through all these years.

I don’t want you to think I only remember you on Mother’s Day. I remember you everyday of my life and I remember you with love and affection. However, I cannot ignore this special date heavily advertised by all media. Although in my heart all the days are yours, I humbly surrender to the appeals of advertising and write this simple message to wish you a “HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY”.

By Bá (Bárbara Palos Saraiva)

Sometimes we just need words, because actions come with them...
Your mother is very lucky, because you are a very special girl....
Keep writing I LOVE to dive in your writings....
Teacher Drei

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  1. Quem escreve assim...muito bem!

  2. O meu texto fica muito bem no seu blog :b
    E essa foto?? ADORO MESMO (:
    Gostei especialmente desta parte:"From a very special student who has the soul of a poet..." ehehhe assim deixa-me envergonhada :$