sexta-feira, 20 de março de 2009



The body book...


Carnival was a blast these are the masks...Aren´t they BEAUTIFUL?


For the places my starters did this amazing poster.
Not bad kids...

Spooky Halloween

This beautiful witch was made by one of teacher´s Catarina Cerca little students.

This halloween was really spooky, besides a "Scary Dinner" at school student´s did a craft´s contest, here are the winners.

Christmas was the best....

This Christmas everyone had something to say and my students said it with these wonderful crafts that you can see. Just look at this tree... Well done kids!

Saint Martin´s

In order to celebrate St Martin´s day my 3rd year students and I decided to have a small "Magusto Party " with chestnuts an popcorn... It was really nice!