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My city - Guarda - by Sara Amaral

  Hello Kate!
 In this letter i will write about different things. I was born in a city called Guarda, here I live. I am going to present you my city.
   Guarda is a small city located in Portugal. It isn't a big city, I know, but it has noise, traffic jams and many confusion, too.
    My city has history, tradition, heritage and a very rich cultural and natural. Do you know that my city has more than eight hundred years? Guarda is the highest city of Portugal, too.

  • About gastronomy:  
      The gastronomy of Guarda is very rich. When you come here you have to eat agricultural and livestock products like black pudding ("morcelas"), cheese ("queijo") and curd ("requeijão"). You have to eat broth grain ("caldo de grão"), roasted lamb ("cabrito assado") and "Bacalhau à Conde da Guarda". For  dessert, you have to eat rice pudding ("arroz doce"), milk-cream ("leite de creme") and "filhoses". In the Easter, you have to eat cake eggs ("bolo de ovos"), biscuits ("biscoitos") and "cavacas".

  •   About cultural heritage:  - When you come to Guarda, you have to visit the Church of  Misericórdia, the towers of Ferreiros e of Menagem, the Cathedral of Guarda, the Church of S. Vicente, the museum of Guarda, etc.
                                                                                        Sara Amaral ( 13 years old)

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