sexta-feira, 22 de outubro de 2010

My school and Colours

Made by Ana Lu (5 years old) and Salvador (4 years old).

Clothes Crafts

Made by Leonor, 5 years old.
Made by Simi 6 years old.
Made by Daniel years old.
Made by Guilherme 6 years old.
Made by Laura (6 years old).
Made by Peter (7 years old).
Made by Guilherme (6 years old).

Nicely done, sweet stars!

Kisses, teacher.

Autumn crafts 2

Made by: 5 and 6 years students(Leonor, Guilherme, Carolina, Simi, David and Daniel).
Made by MOVERS (Telma, Alex and Tony).
Made by: Marta (3 years old).

GREAT job students.

Teacher happy! :D