sexta-feira, 1 de maio de 2009

Hi! This is Nina

It was a long Quest searching for this puppy, but we finally did it and made someone really happy...right Cat?

Kids remember that finding the right dog or puppy for you can be a challenging task, but armed with the right knowledge, you will be happy with your new pet for years to come.

Dogs are a loving, caring and even healing animal. They are fun, friendly and always great companions. They are always ready to run, jump and play or even relax on a lazy day or go for a walk in your favorite spot. There's nothing better than coming home to a face that's always happy to see you and ready for your attention.

Owning a dog can also be a big responsibility. There will be times when you don't feel like playing or having to give attention. Your dog is not a disposable item that can be thrown out when you don't have time for it. Owning a dog is a long term commitment and can bring you a life full of joy and companionship, but to have a great companion you need to know what it takes to be a good dog owner.

I´m sure Nina has the right owner...

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